Mars Studio: Your One-Stop
Solution for Point of Sale
Displays and Product Design

Mars Studio: Your One-Stop Solution for Point of Sale Displays and Product Design

Retail Display

Mars Studio will help you create customised point of display stands, that will enhance your brand image and increase sales. Our permanent and cardboard point of sale displays are of the highest quality.

Product Design

Have an idea for a product? We can design and manufacture it for you. Our industrial designers are versatile, creative, and practical, and will work with you to create a product that meets all your requirements.

Manufacture and Procurement

At Mars Studio, we source the most suitable manufacturing companies for your project. Your order will be managed and tracked throughout manufacture, before being delivered and installed.

Design Process

 Turning an idea and design into reality is our speciality. We’ll give you a comprehensive breakdown from Mars Studio, explaining the end to end product development process in further detail.

Have an Idea?

Mars Studio can help bring it to life
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Inspired Retail Displays and Product Design 

Mars Studio is a team of industrial designers who specialise in point of sale displays and systems to make your brand stand out from the crowd. Creating unique and innovative solutions to bring brands to the forefront. We provide an end to end service, from the first idea to delivery of your finished product.

The owner, Molly Zhao, has over 13 years of experience as an industrial designer, working with well-known, established brands. She can take a concept and design and bring it to life. Mars Studio understands what materials will work, knows how to manufacture and engineer your product, and manages the project from start to finish.

We create solutions for retail stores that build awareness, focus consumer traffic and help drive sales.

Be Visible and Get Noticed

By teaming up with Mars Studio, you will benefit from Molly’s expertise to find the solution to your merchandising needs. With a vast network of contacts gained over many years in the industry, you can truly experience a complete end to end service.

The company has a strong background in creating permanent retail display designs. A track record gained by working with many high profile brands, including Coty, L’Oreal, Sony, Samsung, Nestle, Petstock and more, gives you peace of mind.

Solid merchandising experience ensures your displays will turn heads and stand out from the crowd.

As a brand, you will benefit from an enhanced brand image in retail and point of sale to attract customers. As an agency, you will experience a superior single point of contact for your projects. Our eye-catching merchandising and product design will increase your sales and revenue.

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Retail Display Design

Retail displays are advantageous in making certain a brand attracts a consumer. An enthusiastic, expert approach ensures an understanding of exactly what you want and then putting that into practice. We handle everything, from conception to delivery and install.

Our network of contacts throughout the industry engineer and manufacture point of sale displays with precision. We have knowledge of brands in the retail sector and consumer behaviour, which we apply to your project. This means that, as a retailer, you can highlight products important to your market to increase customer footfall and engagement.

Some of the niches we cover include but aren’t limited to:

  • Liquor display
  • Food display
  • Confectionery display
  • Tools display
  • Cosmetic display
  • Skincare display
  • Electronics display
  • Pet food display
  • Category management

Call Molly at Mars Studio on 0401 543 844 or contact her online, to discuss your project.

Product Design

The design you choose can affect the success of your product. You want it to be innovative, creative and practical. No matter what your vision is, Mars Studio can help deliver your product to market; from ideation and design to bringing it to life.

Conceptual product designs can be discussed and brainstormed, to cover all your wants and needs. Following that, we move onto engineering and prototyping. After approval of the prototype, only then will the design go into production.

The most cost-effective manufacturing processes will be utilised for both the prototype and final production. Our network of experienced industry engineers and manufacturers will bring you your final product. Between us, we ensure your brand optimises consumer interest and sales.

Manufacture and Procurement

When you want your point of sales displays or products delivered on time, every time, Mars Studio is ahead of the game. We are your single point of contact for manufacturing and procurement, taking care of all requirements. You don’t have to deal with anyone else, from inception to completion.

Your project will be managed to achieve a flawless end product, right through the engineering and manufacturing stages. The industry connections we have acquired, both locally and offshore, can bring your products and point of sale displays to life. Fluency in both English and Mandarin allows Molly to communicate effectively all through the process.

For more information on manufacturing and procurement, click here.

Choose Mars Studios for All Your Point of Sale Display and Branding Needs

From the tiniest seed of an idea, right through to seeing your stunning product or retail display stand, Mars Studio provides a personalised, individual service. No matter what the task, it is nurtured from end to end to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Molly’s expertise and background in industrial design, along with our network of manufacturing and engineering connections, come together to deliver top-class results and solutions. Whether it’s a temporary display or full installation across a chain of stores, our eye-catching displays will delight you and your customers.

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