All About Mars Studio

As a brand, you want a team you can trust to bring your products to life. Mars Studio has the resources to manage your project, turning it from a concept into a polished, finished product. Our strengths lie not just in the design, but also the practicality of pulling together the best team for each and every job.

“Many people can do a concept design, but to bring that to life is a different story – you need to understand the material, the manufacturing process, know how to engineer everything, how to manage the project from beginning to end – a complete solution.

“So if you have an idea, we can make it happen for you.

Design brief – “We can do everything, take measurements, design, prototype, show you the concept, source the manufacturer, manage production and shipping, and even dispatch it for you!”

Molly Zhao

Who Is Mars Studio?

Mars Studio is led by Molly Zhao, a passionate individual with a flair for designing and creating eye-catching point of sales displays.

Molly has over 13 years of experience as an industrial designer, specialising in the design and manufacture of merchandising displays, and has built a trusted network of industry contacts.

Her portfolio includes many well-known brands, including cosmetic and skincare companies, pet food suppliers and liquor producers. These include the likes of Coty, L’Oreal, Revlon, Samsung, Sony, Nestle, Petstock, Petbarn, Gorge Western Food, etc.

As a qualified Master of Industrial Design and Bachelor of Engineering (Industrial Design), Molly has all the necessary technical know-how. She can take your design concepts and turn them into engineered drawings, ready for production.

Molly has overseen and presented new projects, liaising with offshore manufacturers to produce prototypes for approval, and final production. Tight timelines and limited resources pose no issues for Molly; she can always find a solution.

Her knowledge of material and manufacturing processes enables Molly to liaise with suppliers and ensure products are tested and produced to a high quality. She has extensive knowledge of designing and facilitating cost-effective point of sale displays.

Whether you want a temporary installation, displays for an event, or a more permanent solution, Molly has the skills to pull it all together.

In Molly’s words, “It’s like when you’re working with trades, you need specialists for each job. I can bring those specialists together to create the best team and outcome for your project.”

For a true, all-encompassing end-to-end service, you want Mars Studio on board.

Excellent Customer Service and Superior Products

Mars Studio promises to tailor each and every project to your individual requirements. It has the means to create points of display to draw customers in, or to brand your products so they are distinctive and noticeable. From inception to creation to completion, our design and manufacture will be carried out to your specifications.

Communication is key to ensuring each stage of the process is dealt with professionally and competently. You will be kept in the loop throughout, reviewing designs and approving prototypes. Attention to detail is something Mars Studio excels at, which ensures you receive the final product you are happy with.

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