Manufacture and Procurement

Imagining a concept and coming up with a product or display design is only the beginning. But, how do you find the best manufacturing companies to bring your ideas to life?

The good news is, you don’t have to try to find the best manufacturing companies. Mars Studio provides a complete service to take care of every detail for you.

Molly Zhao founded Mars Studio after gaining experience in all aspects of retail displays and product design. She has worked for over 13 years as an industrial designer, building lasting relationships in the industry with people who can engineer and manufacture your products.

Mars Studio can successfully product manage every step of the process, consulting with you to obtain the best solution for getting your design manufactured. We’ll give you options for design, materials and product sourcing to meet your needs and budget.

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How to Get Your Product Made

In a nutshell, contact Mars Studio and engage them to take you through your own individual end-to-end service. Let’s look at what that involves and how to get your product made.

Following your initial consultation with us, we will research what it entails to manufacture your product. We’ll provide you with options about different manufacturers and various alternatives offered by different companies. Once you make your final decision, we set all the wheels in motion to manufacture your product. 

The following steps include:

1. Prototyping:

A detailed design will be sent to the manufacturer so they can produce a prototype. We work closely with you to make sure this meets with your approval and works in the way we anticipated. Any changes or modifications can then be locked down, before your product moves final production.

2. Choosing your product manufacturing company:

We pay close attention to your requirements, in respect of budget, timing and scope, when deciding which of our numerous contacts will be best suited to manufacture your product. Many choose to have their designs made in China, as opposed to Australia. Chinese manufacturing plants produce high-quality finished products, often at a lower cost.

3. Communication:

Irrespective where you decide to have your product manufactured, we will keep in touch throughout the process, to ensure timelines are met. We deal directly with the supplier to make sure the plans set in place for your retail display units are met.

4. Quality control:

You will have peace of mind, knowing that all products have to pass quality assurance before being shipped from the manufacturer. The high standards you expect will be met, if not exceeded, and you’ll be delighted with the finesse and attention to detail.

5. Shipping:

Whether your product manufacturing company is in China or here in Australia, shipping will be arranged to a warehouse, retail stores, or any other specified location.

6. Installation:

Once your newly manufactured product arrives, you will need to have it installed. This can either be done onsite or through collaboration with us, to ensure it’s fitted to your requirements.

Throughout the whole of this process, we will keep you up to date with developments. You will know exactly what to expect and when it will be carried out.

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Already Have a Product Designed and Engineered?

Do you struggle to find a good manufacturer to bring your product to life? We have an extensive list of quality manufacturers, both local and in China, to meet your needs. They are mainly in the areas of:

  • Metal fabrication
  • Plastic fabrication
  • Timer fabrication
  • Cardboard display
  • Injection molding
  • Blow molding
  • Rotational molding
  • Vac forming
  • Furniture manufacturer
  • Lighting manufacturer
  • Various electronics suppliers
  • Printing
  • Shop fitting

We can find the best match for your needs and manage the whole process, from costing, production and quality control to shipping. 

Or we can simply carry out some research on your behalf, and provide you with an informational report for two or three manufacturers. We will procure such details as their scope, capacity, strength, pros and cons, price and contact information.

We may also be able to organise factory visits upon request.

Mars Studios Delivers!

From conception, through product development, engineering your design and choosing manufacturing companies, Mars Studio delivers. We take care of everything in a professional and efficient manner, from beginning to end. 

Mars Studio has extensive knowledge of the processes involved and numerous industry contacts. We have the ability to match your unique design with the best product manufacturer. You get a quality product or retail display / point of sale stand.

We leave no stone unturned to make sure your requirements are met and exceeded. You and your consumers will be delighted with the finished result. Mars Studio will bring you a seamless process so you don’t have any hassle or headaches.

If you want the best manufacturing companies to make your product, call Molly at Mars Studio or contact her online today.
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