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Having an idea about how you want to present a product is one thing, putting it into practice is another. This is where Mars Studio steps in.

We offer a true end to end service, by taking your ideas and managing the product design to bring them to life.

It’s not only your ideas either. Molly Zhao, the founder of Mars Studio, has over 13 years of experience in the industry. Her qualifications include Master of Industrial Design and Bachelor of Engineering (Industrial Design).

As an industrial designer, Molly has a wealth of design knowledge across mass production products, point of sale and retail display designs and product design. She is innovative and inspirational, helping Mars Studio to give your product development the edge over the competition.

From inception to delivery of your finished industrial product design, Molly pulls everything together. Mars Studio has trusted industry experts to call on to form a team to build your product development strategy.

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 Product Designer Services 

So, what exactly are the services Mars Studio can offer when it comes to product design?


Identifying your target market and appealing to them is the ultimate aim of designing a product that will increase sales. Mars Studio researches all the factors to ensure that your product enchants your customers with its innovation and design.

Innovative Product Design

Mars Studio can design either simple or sophisticated solutions for your product. We use the latest technologies and our wide industrial design experience to make sure your merchandise captivates the audience it’s intended for, and others. Advanced knowledge of how to turn your ideas into engineered designs is one of our specialities.


What works on paper doesn’t always deliver in practice. Our team of product designers make sure that the design is manufactured and tested through prototyping. You will be given approval so any tweaks or changes can be made before going to production.

Process Management

Mars Studio will efficiently and effectively manage the process of your product design from start to finish. We will take into account your wishes and consult you throughout. The best solution for your requirements will be agreed and put into practice.

We will work to use the best materials available to fit in with your budget. Timelines will be adhered to, using either home or offshore suppliers to engineer and deliver your final product.

Customer service is important to us, and we want you to be reassured that we have your best interests at heart at all times. The personal touch we add to all production processes makes them seamless.

Regulatory Standards

Compliance with regulations is a must for certain products. We will make sure that your product meets the industry standards.

Mars Studio for Your Product Designs

Creating innovative, bespoke product designs for your product can help build customer loyalty through brand recognition. The Mars Studio team call upon their many years of experience to bring this to your brand.

The right materials will be chosen, the manufacturing processes will be procured, and your finished product will win over customers. Our aim is to provide you with a cost-effective solution, made to the highest quality, every time.

Our integrity and expertise ensures you are provided with a seamless end-to-end service. Your visions become reality and your consumers will be delighted.

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