Make Your Retail Displays Stand Out

Creating visually appealing point of sale displays can entice your customers and increase sales. This is where Mars Studio makes you stand out from the crowd. We help bring designs to life so your merchandise shines.

It’s more than just a concept. We understand the materials, the manufacturing process, and how the final product is engineered. We manage your project, from the first idea to the final installation, when the branded merchandise displays for your retail store are ready to use.

Owner, Molly Zhao, is an industrial designer who has amassed a wealth of experience over 13 years in the design and manufacture of point of sale display stands. During this time, she has built recognition from her many industry contacts. Thanks to this, Mars Studio can pull all the experts together for each stage of production.

Many of the projects that Molly was involved with have won POPAI awards over the years.

Molly has worked with numerous brands, including: Coty, L’Oreal, L’Occitane, Jurlique, Revlon, Heritage Brands, Nestle, Samsung, Gorge Western Food, K-Mart, Coles, Petstock, etc. 

The niches we cover include, but are not limited to:

  • Cosmetic display
  • Skincare display
  • Food display
  • Confectionery display
  • Liquor display
  • Pet food display
  • Tools display
  • Electronics display
  • Category management

Permanent displays are our speciality, but Mars Studio also has experience in temporary and semi-temporary point of display units, as well as event displays. We will deliver innovative designs, crafted from the most suitable materials, to create your product display stands.

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Point of Sale Display Stands

A retail or point of sale display stand could be either a permanent fixture or set up as a temporary structure at points of high customer footfall in your retail outlet. Mars Studio makes sure that the branding is front and centre of a visually appealing design to draw customers in. We take your ideas and turn them into reality.

We will supply you with a bespoke unit to fit your business’s individual needs. We make sure we get the best team on the job every time. We can create either a permanent display, consisting of various materials and sophisticated assemblies, or a simple temporary cardboard stand.

Mars Studio customises your display stand to highlight products in your retail outlets. It could be a whole wall or aisle of cosmetics or skincare, a stand offering the latest deals on food or liquor, or a confectionery display near the tills.

Using our expertise in industrial design, we will ensure that there is a POS display to suit your budget and needs. Working closely with you, decisions are made on design, materials and timelines.

We will provide complete account management from end to end, enlisting the best industry experts to get your job done. We have insights into shopper marketing and behaviour to advise you, and help you design flawless displays. We also use technology and digital solutions to fit in with your requirements.

Select your preferred material, from plastic, timber, perspex, fabric or metal, to name just a few. We have the knowledge and awareness of how these materials work, so we will advise you of what is best and supply you with retail displays that shine — and last!

The production of your point of sale display is efficiently managed, from conception to delivery. You are consulted throughout the process, giving you the peace of mind that you’re going to receive exactly what you sign up for. For an innovative, creative one-stop solution for all your retail display stands, Mars Studio delivers.

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Mars Studio for All Your Retail Display Solutions

The behaviour of consumers is ever-changing and retail stores need to entice customers more than ever in an increasingly digital world. The visual impact of retail displays draws people in and encourages them to purchase.

Mars Studio offers you a complete, professional service, born from a passion for industrial design, engineering, manufacturing, and delivering a quality product. Whether you need a small counter display holding just a perfume bottle or a large wall unit to display thousands of products, we will find the best solution for you.

Molly and her team of industry experts ensure your vision is brought to life and delivered on time. You will be delighted with your point of sale displays and the additional revenue it can bring to your retail business.

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